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CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY! Voted #1 Best Water Well Drilling Company of Yolo County

Well Inspection Service

Inspectio​n service includes :

  • Pumping Rate (GPM)
  • Static/Pumping Well​ Level
  • Integrity of the well seal
  • Tank/Pump condition
  • Electrical check of pump
  • Water sample
  • Over all inspection of condition & Construction of water well/pump/site


Productivity/Draw Down Inspection

Includes all of the above

plus a 2 or 4 hour pump test.


Well Disinfection Service

  • Shock treatment of well and household pluming
  • Re-sample water (free)


Inspection Reports

Hard copy ~ E-mail ~ Fax


Well depth~ Pump setting~ Video



Inspire action to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations.

Ode to Groundwater

What is groundwater,

and where is it found?

Why it’s water beneath,

our feet – underground.

Through soil, sand, and rock,

under the ground it moves.

Its home is called an aquifer,

with many fractures and grooves.

The aquifer is recharged

with rain and melted snow.

Depending on the type of soil,

it can happen fast or slow.

Groundwater comes to the surface,

on its own or through a pipe.

Naturally through springs, lakes, or streams,

or by drilling a well of some type.

The aquifer is very important,

and must be protected from above.

For pollutants can sink below the surface,

and destroy this water we love.

More than 50 percent of the United States,

requires groundwater each day.

We drink it and irrigate our crops,

it is a vital resource in every way.

So now the story has been told

and you know what you must do.

Please help protect our groundwater

for its future lies with you!